Ep.13 I Date 25.03.2021

Guest Name –Saawan Logan

Episode name - Saawan Logon on Eco-Entrepreneurship: Business that grew exponentially during pandemic

About Saawan Logan –

Saawan Logan: Co-Founder & CEO of North Water





At the dainty age of six she’d come back home with the right change from the corner store and kept the silver and copper coins securely in an empty jam jar. Whilst the rest played dolls, she ran around in her knickerbockers with kids in the neighborhood, and was hardly to be seen or found, unless of course, it was dinner time. She took matters in her own hands to run the family business at a young age of sixteen, juggling school to keep her family afloat.


Saawan Logan, Founder and CEO of North Water, is the woman that makes it all happen. She turns dreams into reality, with persistence, drive and her super charged energy. In one of her many hikes, in Alberta, a random thought came to mind, as she scooped with her hands freshly flowing water from the rockies to quench her thirst. She was quick to realise that the fresh, alkaline water should be accessible to all Canadians, and perhaps to others in the world who are not so fortunate to have access to clean water. However, there was a problem.


To capture the freshness and taste and keep it’s alkalinity and purity was far more simpler than packaging the water. Saawan had to challenge the status quo, single use beverage containers have been choking the planet with cheap plastic for decades, and were beating the efforts of sustainability and conservation activists with million dollar marketing budgets across all sorts of media. This was difficult but achievable.

North Water was launched last year at the start of the pandemic and has grown exponentially since. From organic grocers like such Whole Foods Canada and supermarkets, to luxury hotel chains. Many would say, why water in the heavily saturated market of bottled water. North Water is bottled with no modifications and very little handling. The water is tested and packed in aluminum bottles which can be reused, refilled and is easy to carry, sip and reseal.

Saawan intends to make North Water a global brand and share her love for Canada with the world. Walk the path less wandered, she says.

Episode Highlights-

  • The story of an immigrant woman who challenges the status qu
  • Story behind North Water
  • When Saawan decided Calgary to be her home for life and business
  • How different it is to be in the Eco- Entrepreneurship
  • When she found her co-founder- Linda and brought the team together
  • Learn about the in house production on North water and how she manages it
  • Journey from 2020-2021 and vision forward
  • Presence of North water in 600 stores across Canada
  • Advice to the aspiring Entrepreneurs and where to find resources
  • Tips to find employment for job seekers
  • Impact Saawan wants to create
  • Know about Saawan's Mindfulness practices

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