The Startup Impact is a dream project inspired by the desire to serve the purpose of fostering the entrepreneurial culture and igniting a growth mindset through transformative enterprising stories.

Our talk show brings fascinating conversations with some of the most innovative and insightful entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, educators and industry veterans straight to viewers all around the world.

Our MISSION is to share influential and empowering stories that will help people get out of the matrix, unlock their true potential and share their gifts with the world.

Our VISION is to have a unified and thriving community of dreamers, believers and change-makers, elevating personal consciousness and creating socio-economic impact.

Core Values

  • Integrity – We are committed to build a thriving and cohesive community by bringing out inside stories and unpretentious conversations.
  • Compassion – We love listening to your story and sharing the energy of affection, appreciation, acceptance and humility.
  • Authenticity –We encourage finding and expressing one’s true self in order to leave a lasting mark on our planet.
  • Unity – We believe in fostering inclusivity by encouraging participation of hustlers, innovators and influencers from diverse backgrounds. We love sharing ideas and cultural values from around the world.

Our Impact

  • Consciousness – We are creating elevated self-awareness and driving conscious decision-making to affect accountability and inclusivity.
  • Innovation –We are creating a transformational impact by developing invaluable relationships with creative geniuses, the so-called misfits, the change-makers.
  • Evolution –We promote collaboration, exchange of ideas and adoption of technology as the driving forces to constant learning, awareness, improvement and personal growth.
  • Freedom –We are here to break barriers, disrupt conservative beliefs and unleash the force within to fulfil the desire of liberating the society from its shackles of cynicism, myths and judgement.

Value Proposition For

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs -Get clarity through expert advice and connect with the like-minded.
  • Job seekers – Find new career opportunities in your area of expertise and interest.
  • Partners (Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Educators and Investors) – Be guest on our show, share your story & experiences, talk about your organization, present opportunities, explore synergy, form alliances, give back to & ask from the community.

If you have read this far and see yourself partnering with us and contributing to our cause, it could be the beginning of our relationship and we would love to hear more about you. If you see yourself becoming a part of these success stories and build connection with our influential partners, visit our Contact page.

Stay Healthy and Spread Awesomeness…..