Ep.2 I 24.09.2020

Guest Name –Robin Daultani

Episode name - “Become Nicerr” with Robin Daultani

About Robin Daultani –

Social Entrepreneur I Founder & CEO of Nicerr I Thought Leader I Visionary I Collaborator I Nature & Wildlife Lover

Robin Daultani on How to leverage Technology to get past boundaries and create Social Impact at scale.

Episode Highlights –

  1. Being Grateful, Humble, Kind, Courageous, Authentic and Visionary.
  2. Struggle is inevitable. But it also leads to interesting outcomes
  3. Robin’s Aha moment. What inspired Robin to build Nicerr (A marketplace for getting expert advice and raising funds for charity)?
  4. Breaking myth around Introversion.
  5. Don’t just Network. Build meaningful deep relationships and be authentic.
  6. Use nature to rejuvenate. Importance of taking breaks and vacations.
  7. Authenticity, Empathy and Tenacity will take you a long way.
  8. Job security is a myth.
  9. Juggling life between work and family.
  10. Have clarity of purpose, keep learning and moving forward esp. during these tough times.
  11. Vision for Nicerr.
  12. Ask from the community.

We are glad to have Robin Daultani in this episode of The Startup Impact show with Shivi. Born and raised in India to running a successful venture in Canada, Robin’s journey has been quite fascinating and inspirational for many. You are in here for a treat if you are reading this article and/or listening to the episode.

Robin’s entrepreneurial instincts were seen early on during his college senior year back in 2006 when he co-founded a digital Internship marketplace and Interview preparation platform, an award winning Startup business idea in India. A few years into his professional career, Robin decided to start a new chapter of his life in Canada and moved to Calgary in 2011. It was not until last year that Robin took a plunge from the job industry to founding one of Canada’s fastest growing social-tech Startup called Nicerr.

Besides having years of diverse industry experience and excellent business acumen, his qualities of humility, authenticity and keeping a positive mindset are infectious and admirable. He is a symbol of courage & kindness and I am glad to have him as a mentor and a friend.

According to Robin, struggle is inevitable but with struggle and persistence comes some very interesting outcomes and fulfilling rewards. He emphasizes on being grateful and emotionally strong in the midst of difficult times as this attitude has served him tremendously well and helped him hack so-called life.

So what’s Nicerr and what made Robin build this impactful platform?

The Aha moment - One fine day while reading about the famous “Lunch with Warren Buffet” auction project, Robin was amazed to know that somebody actually paid close to $3.5 million to pick Warren Buffet’s brains over a lunch and that money was donated for a charitable cause. Intrigued by this idea, Robin thought why only Buffet, why not everyone share their knowledge and expertise? Inspired by this thought, Nicerr was born. With 60+ charitable organizations in just over a year, Nicerr has signed up 150+ professionals and experts from around the world, offering business/ career advice on various subject matters and at the same time contributing 90% of their fee to a charity of their choice. Isn’t that an innovative and wonderful way to foster connect between seeker and a chosen expert and at the same time contributing for a noble cause?

Robin proudly tells us about his Introvert nature and breaks the myth around introversion being considered a weakness of being an entrepreneur. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and salespersons are introverts. They are insightful, thoughtful, great listeners, patient and most importantly have the ability to build meaningful and lasting relationships. He continues to talk about the significance of giving before asking and putting in the time to foster key & deep connections rather than being a monster networker building tons of no-good surface level unyielding connections. Robin has covered these and more insightful topics in detail in his ‘LinkedIn Articles’ page. Feel free to check them out.


We also tapped a bit into Robin’s personal life and areas of interest outside of work. Although his current role as an early stage Startup entrepreneur demands most of his attention span, he understands the importance of much needed breaks and quality family time. Robins loves nature and wildlife and don’t miss a chance to take short trips with his family. Among his favourite spots is Kananaskis, a beautiful and quite place to relax and rejuvenate. For him, being in nature is a great way to heal and enjoy a peaceful time away from the day to day hustle and bustle of a city life.

When asked about his advice on how to overcome obstacles and manage uncertainties such as the current pandemic, Robin empathises with unfortunate instances of employment loss but at the same time urges the audience to utilize this time to reflect on goals, learn new skills and keep working and moving forward so that when the time comes for companies to start hiring again, they would be among the first draws.

Finally, Robin tells us about his vision of making Nicerr a global marketplace of getting expert advice and mentorship from anyone living in any corner of this world and in the process raising funds for the partner charitable organizations. What can be a better way to be of service, give back to the community and have a global impact?

P.S. We are grateful to Robin and Nicerr for doing such an amazing work and urge you all to join the Nicerr family, share your gifts with the world and pay it forward.

Be Giving!

Stay Healthy and Spread Awesomeness…..