Ep.17 I Date 20.05.2021

Guest Name –Mitch Jacobsen

Episode name - Energy Tea Drink: The World's 1st Energy Tea in a Low-Carbon Footprint Pouch with Mitch & Shivi

About Mitch Jacobsen –

Mitch Jacobsen : Founder @ Rviita Energy Tea




Contact- info@rviita.com

Passionate about health, fitness, and the environment, Mitch came up with Rviita a couple years out of university. While working long hours at the office as a water sustainability engineer and simultaneously training for a men’s physique show, Mitch looked for a beverage that could help power him through his day and workouts. Coffee became bland and just wasn’t the refreshment he wanted, tea just wasn’t enough, and energy drinks – well – let’s just say they aren’t part of a healthy lifestyle.

Not able to find a healthy alternative or a product that bridged the gap between coffee and energy drinks, Mitch decided to use his engineering and sustainability background to create a solution.


He teamed up with Karly and Rob and Rviita energy tea was born. 

After launching out of his garage a little over a year ago, Rviita Energy Tea is now carried in over 600 stores across Canada and growing.”

Episode Highlights-

1) The story of Rviita Energy Tea

2) Mitch's early life- Engineering to Entrepreneurship

3) Unique branding & packaging concept of Rviita

4) Mitch's entrepreneurial learning curve

5) Tips for starting a beverage company

6) Personality match and value sharing when finding a Co-founder

7) Launch of new summer flavor at Rviita

8) Power of NOW- Mitch says, "start now"

9) Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

10) Rviita made their first hire- Tips for job seekers

11) Impact Mitch wants to create

12) Mitch's success mantra

Stay Healthy and Spread Awesomeness…..