Ep.19 I Date 03.07.2021

Guest Name –Dan Tatton

Episode name - Health and Business with Dan Tatton

About Dan Tatton –

Dan Tatton- Co-Founder and CEO @ Seven Movements

Founder @ Time to Take Action Coaching



Contact- dan@sevenmovements.com


Dan Tatton is best described as a serial entrepreneur and business coach.  Dan spent 16 years as a health/exercise coach and personal trainer and is a trained educator.  He has always taken his love of helping other find success and found ways to create businesses around it.  Now he helps others do the same.

What sets Dan apart as a business coach is that he is in the arena with all of the entrepreneurs he is working with.  Not only is he running his own companies, he only works one on one with his clients and he only works in the long term. 

Frustrated by the current state of the business coaching world full of mastermind groups, digital marketing experts, and business “gurus”. Dan set out to do something a little different.  Find entrepreneurs that needed support taking their ideas online and then work one one one with them to help them do it.  Radical concept right!

Dan has always operated from a place of abundance, it is why he seeks out partnerships and collaborations in all of his business ventures.  It is why he considers his coaching clients partners and treats them as such. 

“ Better business are built when we put our minds together rather than focusing constantly on competing with one another, especially when it comes to solving great big problems.

He is also  currently a co-founder in 3 companies:  Seven Movements, GRIT performance, and Seven Days Healthy.

He is also launching his new podcast, In The Arena.  He started this podcast to give a platform to entrepreneurs and experts who are creating, building, failing, and innovating to make the world a better place.  He unlocks the practical strategies real entrepreneurs use every day to have success in business and in life.

His company Seven Movements pioneered a unique exercise programming methodology they call “micro-dosing movement”.

Which, to them, means breaking your exercise up into 7-minute blocks of movement throughout the day. They deliver this programming through their Daily Dose program.  This gets people micro-dosing movement throughout the day by delivering four 7-minute micro-doses of movement daily to participants.

Daily Dose acts as an exercise vitamin.  Just like you may take a multi-vitamin to take care of your baseline nutritional needs.  You take your Daily Dose of movement to take care of your baseline exercise needs. Partnering with some of the best home exercise equipment providers in the world keep your micro-doses interesting and impactful.  

GRIT Performance takes his love of working with athletes and delivers sports camps.

And Seven Days Healthy (set to launch in may) seeks to make healthy eating simple by getting people eating healthy 7-days at a a time.

Episode Highlights-

1) Dan's passion for health and fitness by founding Seven Movements and what those 7 movements are.

2) Dan wears multiple hats from being an author to entrepreneur and business coach. Learn his daily routine and how he compartmentalise himself.

3) Dan's Entrepreneurship learning curve.

4) Announcement of Dan's new podcast- In the Arena

5) Dan as a Business Coach shares the challenges that Entrepreneurs goes through and his practical approach to solutions.

6) Message Dan shares with the corporate leaders.

7) Tips to job seekers who are looking for employment

8) What is next for Dan? His vision forward

9) What is the key to succeed as an Entrepreneur? How to move ahead in the path forward

10) His ask from the community

11) Impact that Dan wants to create

Stay Healthy and Spread Awesomeness…..