Ep.15 I Date 22.04.2021

Guest Name –Ben Oguntimehin & Shahab Salem

Episode name - Mobile Mechanics: The Future of Car Repair with Ben and Shahab

About Ben Oguntimehin & Shahab Salem –

Ben Oguntimehin: Co-Founder & CEO @ Wi-Tech

Contact- LinkedIn

Shahab Salem: Co-Founder & CTO @ Wi-Tech

Contact- LinkedIn 

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Ben Oguntimehin is the CEO & Co-Founder of Wi-Tech:

He oversees Product Development, Business Ventures, along with Finances & Monetization at Wi-Tech.  He made a transition from the architecture industry to the tech industry. His background is in Computer Science at University of London specializing in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In high school he and his friend sold sandwiches to fellow students, and at the age of 17 he helped run a media company.


Shahab Salem is the CTO & Co-Founder of Wi-Tech.

He oversees the technological development at Wi-Tech. Previously he was working as a software developer at CIHI and prior to that he was leading the technical development of his first startup, Dime, which was acquired in 2019. He is also currently wrapping up his computer science degree at the University of Calgary.

Wi-Tech is a tech startup in the city of Calgary that focuses on vehicle communication.

They are coming out with an application called WiDrive that shows drivers a visual representation of what is wrong with their car, while simultaneously connecting them with trusted & capable mobile mechanics, who can come right to your location and fix the problem your car is facing.


Wi-Drive aims to provide you a better experience and median for Vehicle-to-Driver communication.  

This communication allows your car to communicate with you by providing you timely information about its:

  • Health
  • Surroundings
  • Third parties that could offer aid in times of distress. And a range of other things. 

Let FRANK help :) 

Episode Highlights- 1) Two high school buddies forms a Tech company in Calgary 2) Inspiration and story behind Wi-Tech 3) Big and unique problem to solve with Wi-Tech 4) Learn about Mobile Mechanics and its practical usage 5) Who is FRANK? 6) How to choose a co-founder for your company 7) How Ben & Shahab has carved niche in the market 8) Future of Wi-Tech and vision of 2021 9) Advice to the aspiring Entrepreneurs and where to find resources 10) Tips to find employment for job seekers 11) Impact Ben & Shahab wants to create 12) We had little fun over Rapid Fire fun questions :)

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