Ep.6 I Date 19.11.2020

Guest Name –Tahira Jamani

Episode name - “Live Mindfully” with Tahira Jamani

About Tahira Jamani –

Tahira is on the mission to help 1 million people heal their souls and live a less stressful, more enjoyable, purposeful, productive and connected life. 



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Tahira Jamani on How to Create a Life of Alignment filled with Purpose, Confidence & Fulfilment. 

Want to improve your Emotional Resilience & Leadership skills, find a better Work-Life Alignment, and become a more complete Team Player, a more aware being? Be sure not to miss this life altering episode with one of the most thoughtful and inspirational human being who is also a symbol of Women Empowerment. Please help us in welcoming Tahira Jamani, founder of The Chain Reaction and SIYLI Certified Teacher. 

Having experienced the benefits of mindfulness practice, Tahira is set on a remarkable journey to help people develop the skills of mindfulness, empathy, compassion and overall emotional intelligence to create the conditions for individual and collective thriving. With her passion in teaching mindfulness practices and her purpose of improving the physical and emotional well-being of others, Tahira teaches a transformational Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Leadership Program by Google called as the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) developed by a team of leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, leadership and emotional intelligence. 


Backed by intensive scientific research and proven tools & techniques, SIY has helped tens of thousands of people achieve the much sought-after outcomes of  

- Reduced stress

- Increased performance

- Increased resilience

- Stronger leadership

- Increased emotional resilience   


These outcomes lead to increased self-awareness, better relationships at home & at work, greater fulfilment, more engaged teams, highly effective leadership, increased productivity, healthier workforce, and a happier work culture primed for growth and results.


So, if you are looking to learn these proven and highly-coveted techniques, to begin the healing process and to redesign a kick-ass life, look no further, Tahira is the one to be reached out.


Tahira’s journey has been quite fascinating and we are glad to capture her insightful and intriguing thoughts in this episode. If her open-hearted approach to life is going to get you the chills, then don’t be surprised.


Some of her awesome corporate clients are –

  • GoDaddy
  • Bow Valley College Faculty Association
  • Be_HumanXo by Tina Mathas
  • Tech Careers – A Manpower Program
  • Kings Fitness
  • Rhythm Ride
  • Comagine Health

Episode Highlights –


1.       Early Life and Career –

       Born in London (England), Tahira immigrated to Canada at the age of 11. After graduating from a business school, she served as a Human Resource Professional for several years before turning to her calling of becoming an Entrepreneur and Mindfulness Coach and redesigning a kickass life. 


2.       Emotional Burnout –

Having worked as an HR professional for many years, Tahira was touching the ceiling and was on the hunt for her next career move. Although she loved helping and supporting employees in her HR role, she felt stuck in the box and wanted to further her cause into helping others on a much deeper, personal and root level.


This was 2018. Influenced by her parents and society, Tahira decided to pursue higher education and get an MBA degree. After two failed attempts in the GMAT (MBA entrance exam) and doing a bit of introspection, Tahira realised that her “WHY” behind doing MBA was not driven by pure passion but was centred around her ego in the need of validation from the society and to prove her ‘so-called’ mettle to others. This was an eye-opener which drove her seek deep-rooted calling and passion.     


The recurring sense of dissatisfaction and feeling of emptiness have led Tahira onto a self-discovery journey that eventually transformed her life in alignment with her passion and purpose.


3.       The Inside Journey (The Turnaround) –

       Tahira was on a constant struggle in finding her purpose and to know the next step. Fortunately, she came across a 10-day Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat in 2018 that transformed her life – BIG TIME! Having shunned her off from all forms of external communication for 10 days, Tahira had a profound experience of deep meditation and her heightened sense of being. With this, she knew that she wanted to find a way to share some of these incredible outcomes (such as a quiet mind, less anxiety, less stress, learning how to respond vs react, sleeping better, feeling inspired, more control over actions and time) in her next role.

       As the saying goes, “Find your Why and the How gets figured out”, in her search of new emerging fields of work in the HR and wellness space, she came across a video of Peter Bostleman, the Director of Mindfulness at SAP. She was shocked that Mindfulness was an actual department in a company like SAP! In this video, Peter spoke about the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Program, the Mindful based Emotional Intelligence Program developed at Google. He took the course, became a certified teacher of this program and has been rolling it out across SAP globally. After countless hours excitedly researching this program, Tahira knew this is how she was going to bring mindfulness out into the world.

       “The Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off” - Gloria Steinem


4.       On becoming an Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach and Mindfulness Teacher -


On realising her ‘Truth’ and figuring out her new path, it was only a matter of time that she achieved her goal. Tahira was pumped and this time she made sure not to leave any stone unturned. She worked twice as hard as she did in GMAT preparation and her MBA college application. With this, she was accepted into the highly coveted SIY program and became a SIY Certified Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Leadership Trainer.


With having undergone two 10-day Silent Vipassana Meditation Course, some help from a Life Coach, social entrepreneurship workshops, empowering books and daily meditation practice, Tahira found clarity and confidence with which she integrated her passion for teaching mindfulness with her entrepreneurial drive and founded The Chain Reaction, a holistic mindfulness coaching business that offers curated programs for individuals and businesses to optimize their work-life alignment by using neuroscience and evidence-based scientific findings to make mindfulness practices accessible, relatable and hyper-practical for all! And since Tahira comes from a family of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, becoming one seemed pretty natural for her.


The Chain Reaction was born to address the shocking findings in the 2018 Gallup Survey according to which only 34% of employees are engaged and 53% of Human Resources professionals say that Employee Engagement is a critically important issue for organizations. Additionally, since 2020 has dished out challenge after challenge globally, 72% of American's say their lives have been disrupted "a lot" or "some" by the coronavirus outbreak. Disruption causes increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in our lives. All of this put together, leads to lower personal productivity, lower employee morale, low retention rates and ultimately lower company success.

Are you:

·         Tired of your own racing mind?

·         Done with feeling lost and stuck

·         Exhausted from trying to find clarity?

·         Ready for your next big life step but can't quite figure out what it is? 




Do you want:

·         A team of highly effective leaders?

·         A more productive workforce? 

·         Higher engagement from team members?

·         Healthier staff [that means less sick time, more impactful/fulfilling vacation time, lower turnover and happier employees!]?


The Chain Reaction 60 min workshop and the SIY program could be a "life changer" for you as it delivers tools & frameworks along with creating space for internal transformation. Some of the tangible outcomes are:

  • Experience greater overall well-being.
  • Build resilience in the face of challenges.
  • Manage stress.
  • Develop greater self-awareness and emotion regulation.
  • Develop empathy and communicate more effectively. 

5.       Words of Wisdom –

-          Mindfulness is a way of living consciously to have a profound experience of life.

-          Listen to listen, not to respond.

-          Pause before responding

-          Respond, not react.

-          Find your Why.

-          Practice Mindfulness to develop greater self-awareness and emotion regulation.

-          Compassion is Courage. Be more understanding, appreciative and accepting.

-          Put genuine effort into forming deep & meaningful connections.

-          Do not back out from having difficult conversations.

6.       Tips for Job-seekers –

-          Re-ground and re-focus by having a conscious inner dialogue and bringing it to your awareness.

-          Be in the present.

-          Learn how to get unstuck and mange stress better through mindfulness

-          Practice daily gratitude journaling and visualization.

-          Develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


7.       Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs -

-          Have a vision, be goal-oriented.

-          Have a clear Why and just start wherever you are. Avoid falling in the trap of Analysis Paralysis. Remember, “Action is the antidote to fear”.

-          Don’t get induced by the outside glory. Understand the work happening behind the closed doors.

-          Stay true to yourself. Carve your own path.

-          Keep doing small tests & trial to validate your ideas. 

8.       Ask from the community -

-          Do not hesitate to reach out to Tahira to discuss your problems and to know more about the Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Leadership Program.

-          Feel free to refer a friend, a loved one or an organization who you think might need to take up The Chain Reaction Workshop.

-          Fireside chats and references are most welcomed. 


9.       The Impact –

      Positively impact and empower 1 million souls heal and live a less stressful, more enjoyable, purposeful, productive and connected life.


P.S. We loved having Tahira on the show and appreciate her for sharing her story and some practical insights on cultivating a fulfilling career and life. Kudos to her grit, compassionate attitude and mindful lifestyle practices. 


Hope you enjoyed this episode and have had some takeaways to reflect on and implement in your life. If you are thinking about diving into the Mindfulness based emotional intelligence leadership program, be sure to reach out to The Thoughtful Tahira.


Embrace Conscious Living!   

Stay Healthy and Spread Awesomeness…..