Ep.10 I Date 11.02.2021

Guest Name –Chris Lambert

Episode name - Chris Lambert on Emerging Tech Trends and Insights on Being a Passionate Tech Leader

About Chris Lambert –

CEO of Payload 

A passion for people, technology and business compels Chris to find solutions to challenging business problems using intelligent technological solutions and backed by world class teams.

Chris’ career includes 8 years of executive and technology leadership and over 20 years of product development in a variety of sectors including Oil and Gas, Medical, Advertising and Financial – much of which has been centered around SaaS, B2B/B2C and cloud computing.

A people first view of the world has shaped Chris’ servant leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, putting customer success front and centre. Working with a network of highly skilled and engaged colleagues, Chris’ teams are always up to a challenge and continue to lead the market in producing high quality and higher value SaaS solutions that enable customers to win against their competition every time.


Chris sees Payload's vision towards the Process Automation and Paperless touch free future.

His advice to be adaptable for aspiring entrepreneurs and be ready to pivot is crucial because you start with a great vision and often that vision is changed overtime.


Chris suggest that if job seekers are finding career in SAAS environment, it is not just about learning the Technical or Hard skills but also about the Attitude and Culture-fit. He continues by emphasizing that there are a lot of intelligent people out there but to create your mark- Showcase your talent, Build portfolios, Be present in the community, be engaged in your passion and the rest will fall. 

Episode Highlights-

1) Calgary's future with Technology and path forward

2) Chris vision with Payload

3) Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

4) New emerging technologies and way to go forward with it

5) Advice to job seekers to find employment

6) Difference between Digitizing and Digitalizing

7) His legacy- Impacting one life at a time and creating a better world 

Be Passionate!   

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