Ep.11 I Date 25.02.2021

Guest Name –Amish Morjaria

Episode name - Amish Morjaria on Future of Marketing and Advertising

About Amish Morjaria –

Amish Morjaria- Founder & CEO Forward Level Marketing



Connect- amish@forwardlevel.com

Amish started Forward Level on his own and grew it into what it is today, and now his focus is on growing it into tomorrow. He’s the dot connecter, seeing how things connect and fit together even when they don’t seem related. Community-driven Entrepreneur who is lucky to call Calgary home.

A Top 40 Under 40 winner, Amish is the perfect example of “interested and interesting.” A people person who believes that business is Personal.


Listen to the launch of new Coffee Mug community initiative right here on the talk show!

"What is your story and why should people care"- Amish talks about the shift in the mindset of people from Traditional marketing and advertising techniques to more Digital Advertising. He says that people don't buy from what you do but why you do it.

Entrepreneurs need to figure it out as what their talents are by leveraging the heck out of it and delegating everything else to take the best advantage of available resources.

Episode Highlights-

  • Future of Marketing and how it transformed with pandemic
  • Amish vision with Forward Level Marketing
  • Shift from Traditional way of Advertising
  • Digital Advertising- The new era!
  • Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Advice to job seekers to find employment
  • Impact Amish wants to create
  • Learn what is Networking

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