Mobile Mechanics:The future of car repair

Significance of Mobile Mechanics: The convenient way to repair cars

Date 21.04.2021

About Mobile Mechanics:The future of car repair –

Maintaining the car is a whole different aspect compared to buying and using the vehicle. The maintenance services of yours can consume a lot of your time and efforts. You may need to spend a lot of your office time looking for your car's maintenance at the mechanic garage. Being the only option to travel to your office, sometimes you won't have another option as well.

Well, the rapid development in technology and the rise of innovative firms lead to the most effective solution in 2021. Yes, it is “Mobile Mechanic."  It is the perfect solution for all the problems one might face in maintaining the car. So, let's know more about it.

About Mobile Mechanic: - The potential to acquire the servicing market

A mobile mechanic is an associate from a renowned full-time garage who carries out vehicle repair at any location you choose. This means you can have an experienced mechanic come to your office or home to repair your vehicle.

Moreover, the experienced professional arrives with all kinds of equipment required for the service. So, you can get your car repaired or serviced without stepping out from your space.

Independent mechanics used to offer this service way before the idea came to light. Once the renowned names step into the same business model, the service becomes trustworthy and reliable. So, Mobile Mechanics is the latest buzz out there.

All the renowned companies are stepping forward for this service. As per the recent press release, Phil Dilanni, the spokesman of BMW, says, “Recall work may be just the first step for BMW. "We are exploring broader mobile service in partnership with some of our dealers, with the potential to establish a companywide program in the coming year,"

Why did Mobile Mechanic click so well in the market?

The mobile mechanic concept is as simple as possible. The dedicated worker for mobile services carries out vehicle repairs in any given location so that the client doesn’t need to travel to the garage. All you need to do is approach the services either by call or message and book a repair.

If you prefer online booking, the respective company could assign a professional with all equipment and tools required for the repair.

Working employees with hectic office schedules or a businessman with many meetings can never unsee this kind of service. Significant time savings and effortless approaches are the reason behind the lightning-fast expansion of Mobile Mechanics. Thus, even the industry's prominent names, such as BMW, are getting into mobile services.

On the other hand, more than 39% of consumers prefer mobile mechanics over valet service. Thus, car manufacturers need to take on mobile services to sustain and surpass the competition. As a dealership's service manager of BMW says, "If dealers don't wake up and get out on the road," he says, competitors "are going to take your repair business, just like Safelite did with glass business."

Is Mobile Mechanic dominating the garage services?

Several factors depict why Mobile Mechanic is the future of car services and how it dominates valet services. Some of the main factors include-

1) Customer Convenience: Every car owner has to go through a lengthy procedure for scheduled maintenance or repairs. The procedure includes-

  • Booking an appointment with the garage 
  • Travelling to the garage
  • Finding a way home
  • Waiting for notification
  • Travelling back to the garage  
  • Returning home

Mobile Mechanic removes all those hassles from your car maintenance or repair procedure, adding a lot of convenience to your experience. The factors that add comfort to your efforts are-

  • You can provide all the necessary information related to your car either online or through a phone call
  • The mechanic can learn about your requirements and thus brings all the equipment that can get the work done
  • You can also set the time for maintenance using the app
  • Most of the paperwork will complete online. So, no need to undergo a lengthy procedure. 

2) Customer's Price cut: Mobile services can often be an affordable choice for consumers. The fact that you need not pay the overhead costs of a vast shop reduces the price considerably. Although there may be transport charges to reach the specified space with the equipment, it is way lesser than valet services.

3) Time- saving of the customer: One of the main motives behind starting the mobile mechanics' service is to save the clients' valuable time. After eliminating all the time that may be consumed for traveling to and from the garage, you will be left on with a lot of time. You can utilize that left-over team for many other essentials. 

4) Excellent Marketing strategy: Providing mobile mechanic services to the clients can frame a perfect marketing strategy to grab people's attention. Such expanded service can also increase a company's reputation by giving a positive vibe to the customer. Consequently, the mobile mechanic makes the user feel their choice of car is really worthy.

With all those applications and the potential to drive in large traffic towards the company, the whole market is looking towards every other business. Even Toyota Motor in North America is exploring a mobile service pilot program that will start next year.

As per Joe Rood, the director of Audi's service operations, "Audi of America is also examining a mobile program for electric vehicles." So, mobile mechanics has immense potential to reign the market and make the valet services outdated.

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