Mentorship is crucial for Success

Mentorship- An essential component for your personal/professional journey

Date 10.3.2021

About Mentorship is crucial for Success –

Mentor: An essential companion for your growth in personal/ professional Journey

Success is the destination of every human we come across in our life. The only difference lies in the lane we choose to travel and the decision we make. Well, success demands enough efforts and a pinch of smart work/ innovation to surpass the competition in your chosen lane. 

People who haven’t reached their destination are either lacking efforts or a bit of smart work. But, they claim it is impossible.  All you need is a support/ companion to walk your lane towards your destination.

As Mariela Dabbah said, “A great mentor helps you to achieve what seems impossible”

Now, you have tons of questions coming across your mind regarding “Where to find a mentor?” or “Who can be my mentor?” or else simply “Who is a mentor? ”Well, you are about to find the most appropriate answer here.

Who is a mentor?

A mentor is one who supports you throughout your journey towards your destination without arranging the resources required. Well, the resources for a business need not be only physical or financial, mental resources are even more necessary. But the sole requirement is your mentor must believe in you and your idea. As Bill Walsh said, “Find a great mentor who believes in you; your life will change forever”. 

How to choose the right mentor?

Generally, a mentor reflects a person who provides guidance, emotional support, and motivation. But, if you are in a quest for the best mentor who can shape you and your business’s growth then you are looking for a role model. As per Lucia Ballas Traynor “The Mediocre mentor tells, the good mentor explains, the superior mentor demonstrates, the greatest mentor inspires”

Choosing the right mentor depends on how great your ambition is or how far is your destination. So a wise choice of the right mentor is what it takes to succeed in your goals. The right mentor can-

  • Identify your skills
  • Encourage you to master at it
  • Guide you through the right way
  • Help you to make a wiser decision
  • Cheer you up
  • Encourage your idea
  • Boost your confidence socially and economically

Beyond this, as Oprah Winfrey says “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”. Sometimes you need to go out to look for a mentor to shape your growth and support you in personal development. But, if you are dreaming big that none has dreamt of, you are standing out of the crowd for a mastermind who inspires you in every step you take.

Role of a mentor in shaping your personal and professional growth

A mentor is a key to the success of every business, either directly or indirectly.  Mainly in the market, one can’t turn a dream into reality without a person believing in that dream. But, many misunderstand a mentor with a coach or a trainer, the differentiating factors between these two terms are- 

  • A mentor is one who can see the long-range view of your growth but not providing the idea itself.
  • Doesn’t give a detailed map to reach your destination but helps you get a clear view of that destination.
  • Inspires you but not advise you
  • Motivates you but doesn’t become your backup

You may feel all these differentiating factors are favoring the coaching side as a real support to your business. But, let us understand things clearly. 

We are talking about business success, and a great success comes only by crossing the line of conventional way.  Having a coach to feed you an idea to begin your business can make you go through some extent.  But, it cannot be as long as you can get by your own idea.  On the other hand, a mentor is one who believes in your idea and can see the farthest range of its growth.

Following the footsteps of experts will help you grow, but not until the pinnacle. Well, with the inspiration provided by a mentor, you will have no limit to your imagination. A strong inspiration accompanied by a great idea opens the world of possibilities for any business.

Success never comes overnight. If it does, you may not be able to hold the position for long. But, a person who has witnessed both downs and ups can surely have a good hold of the leading position in the market. A mentor inspires you to get such a hold without becoming just a backup when you fall.

How to succeed with the right mentor?

The role of a mentor never ends when it comes to business. A mentor helps you right from the initiation with your idea to growing all along your way to reaching the pinnacle of success. However, here are few ideas using which you can succeed with a right mentor

Unlike a business coach, a mentor can help you see your destination clearer than you have imagined. With a mentor, you can design your way to success in the market and travel through that way confidently.

  • Invest more of your time with your mentor to keep your mind motivated every day.
  • Feel free to share your goals and the obstacles which may come along with them. This will keep you stay aware of the chances of failure so that you can focus more.
  • The guidance of your mentor will help you every time you are crossing the line of your limitation. Thus, listen to your mentor carefully with an open mind.
  • Share where you are failing in your life, by doing so you can get a good solution out of your failure.

There are lots of renowned names who have succeeded in their lives because of their mentor. One of such renowned people includes Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook that now owns Instagram and WhatsApp as well. It could be new for you but Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc was the inspiring mentor of Zuckerberg. In an interview, Zuckerberg said “Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world”.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the world’s richest man for a long period also claims that he has succeeded just because of his mentor. Any guesses who was his mentor? Well, it was Warren Buffet, the famous Business Tycoon and investor. Gates often admire Buffet for his desire to teach the most complex things in the simplest forms.

The Bottom Line

With a mentor on your side, you can see the real difference in both your personal and professional life. The relation with a mentor can always have a positive impact on your life. With such a great companion, you can reach the heights you have ever dreamt of. All you will need is genuine efforts towards your goal.

Stay Healthy and Spread Awesomeness…..