Eno Eka

Eno Eka on How to Transition and Excel your Career in Business Analysis in just 90 days and Start Earning a Six-Figure Income in less than a year.

Date 05.11.2020

About Eno Eka –

On a mission to help and empower 1000 people land 6 figure jobs in 1 year.


Career Coach I Business Analysis Guru I Keynote & Transformational Speaker

Founder & Chief Business Analysis Career Coach at My BA Career

Founder, Principal Consultant & Head Coach at ENY Consulting Inc.

Director of Education at IIBACalgary Chapter

Mentor/ Coach at HOPS & CRIEC

Member of TEDxYYC

Business Analysis Content Developer and Course Instructor at the University of Manitoba

Giving Back Challenge Sponsor for Women in Need Society (WINS)

Calgary Top 40 under 40 nominee 2019 & 2020

Universal Women’s Network, Woman of Inspiration 2019 Award for Mentorship

Forbes 30 under 30 nominee in Education Category

RBC Top 75 Immigrants in Canada 2020

RBC Women of Influence Finalist 2020

Canada’s Most Powerful Women Nominee 2020




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Eno Eka on How to Transition and Excel your Career in Business Analysis in just 90 days and Start Earning a Six-Figure Income in less than a year.


Be sure not to miss this heavyweight episode with Eno Eka (Business Analysis Guru and an amazing human being), who talks about her inspirational journey from an Accountant to a Business Analyst to a Career Coach, Keynote Speaker and one of the most influential women in Canada.


If you are looking to have a career in the field of Business Analysis (BA) and want to start making a Six-Figure Income in less than a year, you might want to pick Eno’s brain by reaching out to her on her webpage link.


Here are some of Eno’s incredible feat –

  • IIBA Global Corporate Member/ Premier EEP and a ScrumStudy Authorized Training Provider through her company, Eny Consulting Inc.
  • Impacted over 5000 immigrants, extending her services to over 10 countries and 5 continents.
  • Launched a coaching and mentorship program for Business Analysis with currently over 2000 members across several online platforms.

Eno is one of the most spectacular and wonderful human being I’ve met and she has inspired me to dream bold and stay humble. As a newcomer in Canada in 2018 without any friend or a family member and being a woman of colour, Eno went on defying the odds to becoming a renowned and successful entrepreneur and career coach in the Canadian marketplace. Eno believes that if you are focused on serving the needs of the people and strategically putting in the work on a consistent basis, you will get noticed and are bound to achieve your goals. She is a living example of Inspiration for any Underdog in the business world. Eno believes in putting humanity first. The true benchmark of differentiation should be based on the metrics of a one’s Mind, Heart, Health, Habits, Values, Character and Soul; not on Wealth, Race, Color, Culture, Sex, Region or Religion. 


1.       Road to Success on arriving Canada -  



So as a newcomer in Canada, how did Eno land in a full-time corporate job in just couple of weeks? If this doesn’t surprise you, how about Eno starting a career podcast and founding a BA Coaching and Career Consulting Company in only 5 months? Wanna know? Here it is – hours & hours of research, networking, skill development and personal branding. Sounds simple? Not really when you have to constructively channelize the self-discipline, self-love, purpose and curiosity on a consistent basis into becoming better everyday.  


Eno knew her calling of becoming a Business Analysis Expert - Practitioner and Teacher. Self-belief coupled with a clearly defined goal of making her mark had set her on the path to success. According to Eno, Success is 80% Mindset, 20% Strategy.


Months prior to coming to Canada, Eno began her preparation & execution simultaneously in the following manner:

  • Research on Canadian Job Market standards and pre-requisites.
  • Resume writing and getting it reviewed by professional consultants.
  • Personal branding on platforms like LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn networking – connecting and building relationships with professionals in her areas of interest.
  • Pro-actively applying for jobs in the Corporate Arena, knocking as many doors and taking up as many interviews as possible. 

    On arriving Canada, Eno right away took volunteering work in teaching positions with BA groups and educational organizations. This turned out to be a very valuable Canadian experience which helped her convert her interviews to job offers in no time.


    Being very ambitious and competitive, Eno believes that growth is governed by one’s ability to not stay in the comfort zone for too long. Consequently, she decided to broaden her career path by starting a career podcast and founding a BA Coaching and Career Consulting Company after just 5 months in Canada, only to lead herself to start earning a six figure income in 6 months. As astounding as it may seem, it was well persevered and deserved.


    As the adage goes, “Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but Nobody wants to Die”, Eno’s incredible feat wasn’t achieved without the unnerving back-breaking work. We can only imagine the challenges one goes through on a foreign land, far away from family and friends. Eno too had moments of setbacks brought by Impostor Syndrome (low self-esteem filled with self-doubt; feeling of being an outsider with no Canadian experience or a technical degree) and the series of unwarranted advices. But, instead of succumbing to these hardships, Eno held her nerve and fought through them with courage, determination and discipline.   


    2.       Mind Shift from a Job Seeker to an Entrepreneur –


    Very soon, Eno understood the growth wisdom of shifting one’s mindset from a Job Seeker to an Entrepreneur. She adopted the entrepreneurial mindset and has set herself on the never-ending journey of personal development and service to others. 


    On recognizing the gap between “where she was and where she wanted to be”, she started manifesting her way into the latter with self-belief, by taking several certification courses on Business Analysis, up-skilling & gathering knowledge, taking mentorship and coaching from experts and expressing herself to the world with improved confidence and a service-oriented mindset.


    With this newly found solution-centric mentality and value provider’s mindset, Eno started advertising and offering her expertise to businesses with the focus on increasing profits, reducing overheads, improving processes & customer satisfaction quotient, and bettering employee and customer retention rate. Furthermore, she started consulting and coaching individuals who were willing to follow her footsteps of excelling in the field of Business Analysis and having a more fulfilling career.


    3.       On becoming a Business Analysis Practitioner and Teacher –



    With her success story, Eno casted out the clouds of myths and misconceptions of the rigid notion of being a Business Analyst. The expert herself says –


    ·   Anyone who intends to put in the work can become a Business Analyst. No technical degree or work experience is required.

    ·  Communication, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are the top skills of a Business Analyst. If you think you already have these, welcome to the climb of the BA Mountain. 

    ·  Study industry trends; take BA certification courses, coaching & mentorship.

    ·  Huge market scope worldwide; $80k avg. income.

    ·  With success as a practitioner & performer, one must fall into the shoes of a mentor/ coach and help other newcomers join the club.


    4.       Eno’s Inspiration/ Role Model



    Eno’s biggest fan is her mother. Her mom has always supported her in the ups & downs of her life and has taught her to do better, be better, and serve others.


    5.       Tips for Newcomers/ Aspiring Entrepreneurs


    ·         Have a growth-driven mindset and act with purpose.

    ·         Be of service with a clearly defined value statement - look for ways to help people; serve the community using your knowledge, skills & expertise.

    ·         Focus on building a personal brand.

    ·         Make meaningful connections - people relate with people first and then organizations.

    ·         Outsource work outside your zone of genius, embrace teamwork complementing with people of skillset outside your area.


    6.       Tips for Job Seeker (how to break through the hidden/ latent/ untapped job market) –


    ·         Resume – clear and concise pitch, a catchy opening statement, show numbers and accomplishments (projects worked upon, volunteering service, mentorship, outstanding performances).

    ·         Cover Letter - write the challenges & pain points of the company and offer solutions; must stand out.

    ·         LinkedIn – optimize LinkedIn platform to market self and engage with people and organizations in your professional area of interest. Connect with employers, hiring managers, senior management; don’t be shy in asking for opportunities and in showcasing your work. Engage with your connections through intelligent, thoughtful, intentional comments and posts.

    ·         Job Application – Thoroughly study company’s website - products and services; follow on LinkedIn and other social media handles; connect with people in the organization and try to figure out their problems; suggest innovative solutions and showcase your abilities.


    7.       Ask from the Community


    ·         Join Eno Eka Tribe on social media handles - LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

    ·         Share success stories.

    ·         Share your knowledge.

    ·         Pay it forward.


    8.       Impact/ Legacy


    ·         Help people become successful in their respective careers irrespective of their background (ethnicity, color or region).

    ·         Set example to always keep humanity first. 

    ·         Empower the Underdogs through Coaching and Mentorship.

    ·         Help Entrepreneurs operate at full potential and become Leaders of tomorrow.


    P.S. We loved having Eno on the show and appreciate her for sharing her success story and some very useful insights on career and life. Kudos to her tenacity and giving attitude.

    Hope you enjoyed this episode and have had some takeaways to reflect on and implement in your life. If you are thinking about diving into Business Analysis or already in one, be sure to reach out to The Awesome Eno.


    Live Your Dream!   

    Stay Healthy and Spread Awesomeness…..