Digital Marketing: Entering into a new phase now

Digital Marketing Strategy Impacting the Business in Modern Times!!

Date 05.05.2021

About Digital Marketing: Entering into a new phase now –

An unmatched reputation in quality and service, and a renowned brand name are often the virtual fruits for any business. The ultimate goal for any company is to reach a massive audience with its offerings. It is only the way you approach the audience and present your offerings that decide where your business stands in the competition.

The evolution of the Internet has now opened the world of possibilities to reach and engage the targeted audience to a business. As Jeff Eisenberg says “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic”.

Well, with the increase of ways, there increases the competition as well. So, digital marketing is now witnessing the competition as never before. Thus, in 2021 where we are not alone amidst pandemic, online marketing made every other form of business feel outdated. But, it is proved that a business needs to be unique in one way or the other to fall into the eyes of the audience.

Impact of new digital marketing strategies

With the rapid development in technology and the internet, a vast majority of the audience is now online. As per the recent survey, almost half of the world’s population is using the internet. Thus, a new business has a better chance to gain customers than ever before.

On the other hand, it is easier for the new business to compete with the renowned names in the industry. If you are new to the market, all you have to do is make a compelling presentation of your offerings. There are many companies which not only competed but also surpassed the range of top names with their digital marketing strategies. Some of the well-known ones include-

1) IKEA: (Gained popularity by changing the names and staying active online)

IKEA is now one of the largest and the most popular furniture companies all across the globe. But do you know what’s been their turning point?

The company was always a step ahead in understanding the audience's throb and demand. But, it stood out of the competition just by using a smart tactic to grab the people’s attention. IKEA started to analyze the frequent specific problems of the customers. Instead of just providing the solution, the brand decided to rename its products as the solution.

On top of this, IKEA continued to analyze the problems through IKEA Home Tour Squad. It is a team that visits different homes to get inspiration for new products. Consequently, it is one of the few companies where you can get any hybrid combination of furniture you need.


Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA says “Nobody can guarantee a company or a concept of eternal life, but no one can accuse me of not having tried to”.

2) Autodesk: (Stood out of the competition by entering into cloud technology)

Autodesk was also one of the leading solutions for engineering and 3D design, but it relied on the licensing model. Licensed-based software seemed to be an outdated solution for the engineers at one point. Thus, the management decided to shift to cloud-based technology way sooner than their competition.

As cloud computing was on the rise at this time, Autodesk became one of the most intriguing options. Besides, cloud computing had the option of advanced integration with other software. So, Autodesk implemented the “Spark” program with which they integrated 3D printing software with hardware and materials companies.

All-round software with the best integration that favors many engineering applications made Autodesk the most appealing option. Therefore, it surpassed the competition and became the best option. 

3) Burberry: (Risen above the competition by launching a social media site)

The fashion industry faced struggles with the evolution of the internet and the rise of many e-commerce sites. Every brand wanted to appear on top of the search results whereas only renowned brand made their place. This is where Burberry rose above the competition.

Burberry introduced their own social media site named “Art of the Trench” which featured fresh faces. On this site, people were able to comment, like, and share posts. Besides, it grew the Facebook fan base to over a million with the largest fan count.

Now, it is one of the most popular brands among the social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

Are those permanent leaders in the digital market?

There are many other renowned names in the market that rose above the competition and became the most preferable choice.  Lego and Unilever are also such brands that used digital marketing strategies to gain a massive customer base for their offerings.

But the strategies of those brands soon became common over the market and all other companies started to implement a similar strategy. Thus, the need for new strategies that can win the hearts of the then buyers became crucial.

Well, it took no time that the world witnessed many innovative ideas from the companies that gained them popularity. This is one of the reasons why every business is looking for an experienced digital marketing service having extreme potential in crafting the most effective strategy.

What can be the possible solution to sustain the competition?

The only possible solution to sustain or surpass the competition in the market is to make an innovative strategy having the potential to turn eyes. Well, the presentation to engage the customers is also equally essential. If you are looking forward to being crowned at the top position of your category, all you need to do is think out-of-the-line and make something new.

Whether it is about solving the buyer’s problem or offering something compelling, you can reach the audience only with an appealing presentation. Well, as the control of digital marketing is in your hands, it is way simpler than what it used to be years before.


The best way to attain the most compelling level of presentation is to approach a digital marketing company that works with experienced professionals. You can use the skills of those expert designers, marketing heads, and strategic experts to mark your online presence with flying colors.

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