Chris Lambert

Chris Lambert on How to be a Successful Tech Entrepreneur, a Passionate Team Player and most importantly a Better Leader

Date: 08.10.2020

About Chris Lambert –

Founder & CEO at Kudosee I CTO at Payload I Passionate Leader I Tech Champion I Problem Solver I Growth Culture Enabler I Die Hard Fan of the Classic Mustang


Chris Lambert on How to be a Successful Tech Entrepreneur, a Passionate Team Player and most importantly a Better Leader.


If you are a Computer Geek, a Software Professional or an aspiring Tech Entrepreneur, you are in here for a treat. Check out this power-packed session with Chris Lambert who is among the most knowledgeable and generous Tech Entrepreneurs in Alberta, the man who has immersed himself into learning Computer & Software Technology and is dedicated to building and promoting an effective Organization Leadership.


Chris’ love for computers came naturally to him in his childhood days and he started programming and writing gaming software at the age of 10. During his career spanning over 2 decades, Chris has served the Tech industry in the capacity of a Software Developer, a Chief Engineering Architect & Consultant, a VP, and now the CTO and CEO & Founder of Computer Software Firms. As an entrepreneur, Chris is on a mission to lead by example and help corporate leadership develop the culture of growth and transparency in their organizations thereby fostering healthy employee engagement and fun at the workplace. Chris is using Technology as a tool for growth, empowering people and companies create better Leaders, have a shared vision and achieve great outcomes through building a strong culture, enabling processes and effective software architectures. Chris loves working with companies and individuals that strive for intelligent, efficient and pragmatic solutions to challenging problems and helping them achieve their dreams and be successful.


Highlights –


1.      On Calgary Software Tech Ecosystem

2.      Need of Investment and Training in Tech Industry

3.      Software Tech in Calgary at the nascent stage but huge potential.

4.      The Birth of Kudosee

5.      How Kudosee is different from its competitors

6.      Building Technology at Payload

7.      Problem within Tech organizations and its Solutions

8.      Engaged & Productive Team with Servant Leadership

9.      Overcoming Challenges

10.   Hiring Strategy

11.   Recommended Low Cost and High Value Tech Stacks & Tools

12.   Business challenges with launching Kudosee

13.   On attracting top-notch tech talent in Calgary

14.   Ask from government for increased support and funding in Computer Technology

15.   On Job losses due to COVID-19 pandemic and Strategies to re-enter the workforce

16.   Job vs Entrepreneurship

17.   My Mentors & Coaches

18.   Interests & Hobbies

19.   Community Impact

1.     On Calgary Software Tech Ecosystem

Chris talks about Calgary’s Software Industry being in the nascent stage but if nurtured well, has a huge potential for growth and sustenance. Having the latent skilled workforce like game developers with a strong knack for software technology and product development, Calgary’s Tech industry has a long way to go. But, Chris is optimistic about the future of Tech Calgary and says the prospects for software tech industry is looking bright. The local economy is under transition with the crash of the oil industry. On a brighter note Gamification, Digitization, AI/ ML and Data Analytics are catching the steam. For the success of Calgary’s and Alberta’s Tech industry, Chris demands additional support systems to be put in place for the Startup Ecosystem to thrive in these challenging times.

2.      Need of Investment and Training in Tech Industry

Chris foresees tremendous opportunity for the growth of local economy with increased attention on the Software Industry. There is still a large room for exploration in the ITS sector and according to Chris, tech conglomerates and government bodies coming forward and investing in the training and development of Alberta’s Non-Oil & Gas Industries will be a boon for the economy amidst the current pandemic.


 3.      Problems in Tech Companies Leading to The Birth of Kudosee  


Through his journey of over 2 decades in the software industry, Chris has noticed few key problems with the workplace culture and organization leadership leading to the inefficiency and loss in productivity. Two big issues were goals not being sincerely accounted for; backstabbing, blaming and discrediting others due to insecurities arising from poor leadership. Seeing it as an opportunity to solve these problems and have a larger impact on the community by being more than a software engineer, Chris decided to transition his career from software developer to a leader. As a result, Chris stepped into the shoes of an entrepreneur and founded Kudosee with the vision of creating transparency & accountability within organizations. Kudosee was born out of the passion to bring the same level of automation, consistency, transparency, accountability into the workplace and in a fun way that actually improves engagement across the organization as opposed to the conventional rigid top down hierarchical approach.



A bit about Kudosee - The strategic success platform to help companies stay aligned, transparent and accountable at all levels. Kudosee is a SaaS platform to build and monitor goals in real time, communicate status across teams, collect important details on capabilities of employees and provide a gamification system that ties success, fun and results together. Kudosee uses AI/ML to learn patterns on a company's strengths and weaknesses and connect people to enable success across the organization. Unlike its couterparts, kudosee offers a cultural strategic & planning tool rather than a solution tool primarily focused on traditional project management heavy top down approach.

4.      CTO at Payload

Alongside his entrepreneurial journey at Kudosee, Chris is heading the technology division at another Software company called Payload. At Payload, he is building technology for revolutionizing the way companies manage logistics through the power of automation and data driven decisions. Payload is an easy to use web and mobile based application for logistics and supply chain management. We work with you to deliver simple, accountable logistics tracking and reporting. Companies look to Payload when seeking to save money and create efficiencies

5.      Engaged & Productive Team with Servant Leadership

Chris is a true believer of Leading By Serving. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find the right people and keeping them engaged for a prolonged period. Chris implores organization leadership to discard micromanagement practices & short term performance metrics and to establish a culture where people work passionately with a shared goal, feel free to express their opinion in a healthy team environment and without the fear of being judged. Clearly sharing your Why and maintaining transparency is the way to go.

6.      Turning problems into growth strategy

Chris shares with us an interesting story of a time when the company he used to work for decided to let go two of their prized resources in order to effectively balance the budget. As the project manager, Chris understood the challenge imposed on him and instead of doing what most would have done in this situation, he demonstrated grit and leadership using creative approach of saving the jobs of these two people without disturbing the organization’s budget. Chris was well aware of the intelligence, experience and commitment these two individuals bring on the table and did not want to lose them at any cost. To start with, Chris had an open discussion with his colleagues and formulated the course of action. By finishing an important integration that resulted in the cost cutting of the displacement of an enterprise license (reduced cost from $250k to $40k a year) that his organization have been using, Chris was able to save 2 jobs, which turned out to be pivotal when those two individuals turned out to be the key contributors in transitioning entire tech infra further leading to significant optimization of time and cost by $400k a year. The lesson here is to understand that today’s rapid changing world demands mutual understanding, creative & smart approach and use of tech tools that’s not too convoluted.

7.      Hiring Strategy

Kudosee was started couple of years ago as a pet project of Chris and his two other partners, who are currently also involved in their full-time jobs to get the wheels rolling. Being bootstrapped and having loads of tech expertise in-house, Kudosee has been mindful on balancing the P&L and growth of the company. Instead going on a hiring spree, a mistake done by many startups in their early days, Kudosee understands the game and have therefore, added 3 full-time staff in their team - 2 developers + 1 sales woman + 1 intern (plan to make permanent).

8.      Recommended Tech Stacks & Tools for Startups



This section contains useful tips for entrepreneurs running a Tech Startup. As a CTO and former VP of Product, Chris has acquired the rare tech acumen and vision that helped him kick off his Startup journey in a rather smooth manner. Here are his nuggets of tech wisdom:

  • No more spending money on data centres and infra.
  • Use serverless framework (build micro-service based architecture and no need to pay hosting fee). Prototyping can be done relatively inexpensively. In its initial days, kudosee was being billed only $38 a month.
  • Programming Languages – Node JS (Javascript framework) leverages JS as a language on the server side. No need to learn additional languages or use complicated tech stacks.
  • Cloud-based Tech – AWS, Azure
  • Front end stack– Vue.js, Quasar, Interact.js, React.js (for free responsive web app)
  • PaaS – Heroku (easy prototyping, low risk, low cost, embedded security)
  • Business Intelligence Tools – Power BI (Primarily for Internal Analytics); Looker; Sigma (low cost, low risk, high value, great support services) for external facing analytics, augmenting product for audience.
  • Data Analytics Tools (Data Storage Reporting Dashboard) – Avoid using database as repository/ reporting threads. When the application is written and data is being stored in the local db, it takes 1 bad report to go rogue and start hammering on resources, slowing down the entire system. Keep database and reports separate to cut down the risk of impacting production performance of the system.
  • Use Snowflake as the cloud-based data warehouse. It’s very lightweight and can be made up and running in a matter of few days.      
  • Data Integration platformRivery

9.      Challenges with launching Kudosee

Being technology as its strength, not so much from the Tech standpoint. However from a business and marketing perspective, Kudosee had faced early challenges with getting word out to its potential audience, getting to know about webinars, Startup meets, business conferences and entrepreneurial groups.

10.   On attracting top-notch tech talent in Calgary

Chris says that in general, the attributes of the local talent pool is still latent and synonymous with the traditional IT centric mindset. This needs to be shifted to the modern though process of a software developer. According to Chris, a software professional must be passionate about coding and gamification and should pursue this filed more as a hobby rather than just a job.

11.   Ask from the community

Chris implores local government and large tech companies for increased support and investment in Calgary’s Software industry so that it can fulfil its potential of becoming the next Silicon Valley of Canada.

12.   On Job losses due to COVID-19 pandemic and Strategies to re-entering the workforce

It’s more than re-training & up-skilling. Calgary has an extremely talented and capable pool of resourceful individuals who must utilize this time of economic downturn as an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Chris suggests that working tech professionals must leverage on government sponsorship programs and start giving consulting services to local businesses in this gig economy. In Chris’ experience, Calgary’s business community is very generous and helpful.

13.   Job vs Entrepreneurship

Chris does not hold a bias against either but says it is more of a personal choice as both comes with their own advantages and demerits.  Whereas in Job, there is a better chance of enjoying good performance, consistent secure income, and team support, an Entrepreneur experiences visceral fulfilment and enjoys extreme ownership and accountability.

14.   My Mentors & Coaches

Chris considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the great leaders who later influenced his vision and became his mentors. Chris’ mentors have taught him the art of leadership and of having a sense of complete ownership. Moreover, Chris understood the importance of building the rapport, developing a social conscience,  and looking at a bigger picture.

Furthermore, he understood the facets of building the business from ground up, business model canvas, the importance of being resourceful and having a strong network. He has formed very good relationships with a few other entrepreneurs who have been very generous in his own entrepreneurial journey.

15.   Community Impact

Chris loves to engage in community development avenues and Startup leadership programs. Over the years, he has become more cognizant about community impact and leaving the legacy behind. Acquiring all the knowledge and experience over the years, Chris now wants to help those around him achieve their dream and becoming successful. Through guest talks, public speaking and webinars, Chris is helping students and interns succeed in their job and business. He continues to talk about level 5 leadership, which is being the servant leader outside ones organization and indulge in giving back to their community. For Chris, Kudosee is the starting point to help promote tech in Calgary area and create better organization culture.  

16.   Personal Interests/ Hobbies



Chris enjoys coding, developing gaming products and having fun with technology in his free time. His love for the Classic Mustangs is extreme, he used to drive the ’66 mustang when young, ’68 mustang in varsity days and owns one now.


P.S. Hope you enjoyed reading this and grabbed key insights on Technology and Leadership. We wish Chris and Kudosee the very best in keeping up the amazing work and in fulfilling their goals.


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