Benefits of Energy tea and drinks in a hectic lifestyle

How Energy Drink Consumption enhances productivity in daily lifestyle?

Date 19.05.2021

About Benefits of Energy tea and drinks in a hectic lifestyle –

In the modern lifestyle, everyone goes through day-long stress to survive and progress in this competitive world. Thus, we keep on looking for concrete support to help us sustain the busy working schedule all along the week.

Many people opt for different kinds of meditation, yoga, gym workouts, and breathing exercises to help them keep up with the busy days. But, one of the best ways to energize the mind and rejuvenate the body's energy is an energy drink.

There are tons of energy drinks with both natural and chemical compositions which boosts energy, concentration, and alertness as well. But, do they really live up to the claims made by the companies? Energy drink consumption has always been dramatic since the last two decades with different rumors on air. Well, let’s try to make it simple! 

Are Energy Drinks Good to consume?

Energy drinks intend to boost alertness, focus, and energy faster than any kind of workouts. Although many energy drinks are having specific composition for adults only, people of all ages consume them. But, the real confusion rose when some health professionals warned that energy drinks may have harmful consequences.

Normally, Energy Drinks are beverages containing specific ingredients that are marketed to increase energy. Most of the energy drinks available today contain caffeine. Caffeine is popular as a brain function stimulator that increases alertness faster.

On contrary to this, many studies proved that excess coffee consumption increases the risk of heart diseases. The American Journal of Cardiology recently published an article about the adverse cardiovascular events after ingestion of energy drinks. However, recent studies in

With tons of good benefits accompanied by the chances of some risks, energy drinks are always in buzz due to confusing consequences. 

Some benefits of energy drinks (In limited/ suggested amount)

  • Improves Brain Function- Multiple studies have shown that energy drinks can improve brain function to a great extent. A few of them also proved that consuming energy drinks can indeed improve memory, reflexes, and focus as well. One study has also proved that drinking 8-4 ounces of energy drink increased the concentration by about 24% in youth.
  • Energizing body function- One of the main reasons behind people consuming energy drinks is to overcome tiredness or sleepy feeling. Drivers make the best use of such energy drinks as sleepiness while driving a vehicle can be dangerous. Similarly, night shift workers also use energy drinks to keep them up all along the duty time.

Long terms effects of energy drinks

Although energy drinks bring in quite a good list of benefits, long-term consumption with more frequency may contribute to some problems as well. A few studies have shown that frequent consumption of energy drinks can lead-

  • Heart problems in some: - Multiple studies have shown that consuming drinks may increase blood pressure and heart rate. Thus, it can contribute towards malfunctioning of blood vessels, which is certainly not good for heart health.  The American Journal of Emergency medicine depicts clearly about such conditions in “Do energy drinks cause epileptic seizure and ischemic stroke?

  • Lack of sleep: - Although energy drinks have benefits to drivers and night workers in overcoming sleepiness, they can affect sleeping patterns as well. Copper belt University school of medicine, in its recent study, proved many effects of energy drinks on sleep quality. Well, such adverse effects on sleep are the result of frequent consumption only. 
  • Weight gain: - Most energy drinks are loaded with tons of sugar. Consuming so much sugar frequently can spike up your blood sugar level leading to diabetes and several heart problems. But, one of the most common effects of consuming loads of sugar is weight gain. You can witness faster weight gain soon after completing frequent consumption of energy drinks.

    Do all energy drinks have such adverse effects on the body?

    Where energy drinks containing loads of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol are known for their side effects, there are healthy energy drinks that are recommended by doctors. Naturally extracted compositions can also make the most effective energy drinks which may be slow in showing results but works in favor of our body.

    There are many naturally occurring ingredients like ginger, Ashwagandha, and fruits that energize both mind and soul. Such naturally occurred ingredients are completely safe even in long-term usage. However, there are few plants based products like tobacco and nicotine which one should definitely avoid.

    Finding such healthy energy drinks can be a tough task unless you search for a caffeine-free, natural energy beverage. Well, such energy drinks tend to ensure whole-body wellness besides just boosting energy. Health experts suggest consuming such plant-based energy drinks on daily basis to ensure an active and healthy lifestyle.

    How often should a person consume energy drinks?

    Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that don’t encourage unhealthy energy beverages. One of the recent studies found that consumption of energy drinks loaded with chemicals, sugar and caffeine shouldn’t be consumed unless necessary. Intake of excess caffeine, alcohol, and sugar has adverse effects on health in long term in one way or other.

    If you are lacking energy, then plant-based energy drinks such as lemon-lime, berry boost, green tea, etc are preferable. Those are the perfect alternative to synthetic energy drinks and also resolve all the drawbacks of them. 

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